Shepherd of Sweden Womens Luxury Sheepskin Slippers in Asphalt Grey

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These Sheepskin slippers are a slip-on mule in luxurious Swedish Sheepskin in beautiful Asphalt Grey.

These make the perfect gift at any time of year.

They are manufactured using ethical traditional craftsmanship and modern design with the very best Sheepskin.

The result is slippers which are beautifully made, stylish and wonderfully comfortable.

With a firm durable EVA sole.

Here are just a few of the properties of the sheepskin these slippers are made from.

Activates blood circulation and our immune system, and helps the body to relax and rejuvenate.

Maintains a healthy, even temperature which has a vitalising, relaxing effect on the entire body.

Is gentle on your skin and made of similar building blocks to human skin.

Is self-regulating in terms of temperature making it excellent for summer and winter.

Wear them in all seasons and you will see why sheepskin is so wonderful.