Turtl Socks in a Shell for Tots - Khaki

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turtl socks in khaki with black dot are for toddlers and tots.
Much more than just a slipper sock.
These specially developed socks use a breathable Repreve® knitted textile which gives freedom of movement.
Most importantly at this age, they are easy to put on and they stay on.
The outsole is slip-resistant lightweight and flexible.
Promoting healthy foot development and natural growth. 
Made from innovative eco-materials.
The splashproof sock is made with 100% recycled post-consumer plastic
We believe their first steps are the most important in life and turtl will be there to help them.
Wear them indoors, out in the garden, on the beach or wherever little feet need protected.
turtl works to clean up our oceans and save marine life with their sustainable footwear.
Their designs nurture healthy little feet and all materials used are recycled and recyclable

machine washable
promotes growth
Repreve® yarn is recycled from plastic bottles
Soles: phthalate-free TPR
Insoles: BLOOM, a harvested algae biomass

Some Great Facts about Repreve®  The Yarn The Socks are Made from

The company Unifi, who makes Repreve® has recycled over 19 million plastic bottles.
Compared to making brand new fibres, Repreve offsets enough energy to power 133,000 homes for 1 year.
The production of this recycled material improves air quality by avoiding 385 million kgs. of CO2 emissions.
The process of making this textile saves the equivalent of 1.7 million people's typical daily drinking water for 1 year.